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    2011-2012 CTE-Lilly Fellows Presentations

     CTE Staff


Thursday, April 19th


12:00-3:00 PM


Maryland Room, Marie Mount Hall


The 2012 Lilly Fellows Showcase:

12-1 PM Student and Faculty Expectations

The Graduate Lilly Fellows are a cross-disciplinary group of senior graduate students working on a yearlong project to improve undergraduate education at Maryland. The 2011-12 Graduate Lilly Fellows project focuses on understanding student and faculty expectations for undergraduate classes. Join the Graduate Lilly Fellows for an informative session that looks at the similarities and differences in student and faculty course expectations. In this workshop, the Graduate Lilly Fellows will present data from recent UM student and faculty surveys assessing student expectations of materials, communications, and perceived misconceptions between faculty and students.

1-3 PM Designing a Non-majors Scholarship in Practice Course

The CTE Faculty Lilly Fellows is a cross-disciplinary group of teacher-scholars who work on a yearlong project to improve undergraduate education at the University of Maryland. The 2011-12 CTE Faculty Lilly Fellows took up the task of thinking about and helping their fellow faculty designing Scholarship in Practice courses for non-majors. Think your course meets the Scholarship in Practice requirements but are not sure and want help on designing or redesigning your course to meet the Scholarship in Practice requirements? Come to this workshop, and explore what Scholarship in Practice is and what it might look like in your course. In this workshop participants will see examples of Scholarship in Practice courses and get help on developing their own Scholarship in Practice course. This is an interactive workshop, so please be prepared to work.

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