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For more than fifteen years TLN has included articles, notes, and schedules to keep the campus informed about new technologies, available grants, fellowship notices, workshops and roundtables, distinguished lectures, assessment, learning outcomes, classroom management strategies, consultation programs, new conferences, established programs, award winners, grant recipients, University policies on teaching, and other valuable information for faculty and graduate teaching assistants. Most important, it always suggests ways to enhance teaching for better learning. Subscribing to the TLN listserv list takes about twenty seconds and means that you will receive approximately five emails a year, notifying you that a new issue of the only regular campus-wide publication on teaching and learning has arrived. If you are one of the many who already read, please share your feedback with us via Visit

Try Clickers for a Day

Are you interested in the student response devices known as clickers? CTE has a loaner program. You can borrow a set of radio frequency (RF) clickers and a laptop equipped with the RF receiver which makes any classroom with an LCD projector a clicker classroom.

For more information about classroom response technology, visit, see the November-December 2005 issue of Teaching & Learning News, or contact CTE at


The University of Marylandís Center for Teaching Excellence is an initiative of the Office of the Associate Provost and Dean for Undergraduate Studies.

CTE supports departments, faculty, and graduate students by offering resources and assistance as part of a campus-wide effort to improve teaching and learning.

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