Links for Center for Teaching Excellence and Learning Technologies workshop on Canvas

UMD examples:

Examples from other schools:

Instructor Resources:

  • This site provides access to Canvas Workshops that have been created by Learning Technologies staff, in addition to links to "How do I" webinars, documentation to orient faculty to the Canvas interface and to the migration process, and a slowly growing collection of videos. By the start of the new year, all faculty will have access to a self-paced Canvas tutorial site that will provide a more comprehensive "dashboard" of link to tutorials and documentation, as well as serving as an exemplar in Canvas course site construction.

  • The Canvas Instructor Guide site provides step-by-step instructions on the use of all Canvas tools, from an instructor perspective? Want to know how to send a message to your students? Look at the guide content on "Conversations"; need to review the steps for creating and deploying a quiz? Look at the guide content about "Quizzes". The value in this site is that since it is maintained by the folks as Instructure, as enhancements are made to the functionality of Canvas tools, the documentation will be brought up to date almost immediately. (Another way to access the support guide is to click on the Help link in the you once you have logged into Canvas.)

  • Edison student orientation site
  • To help students get oriented to the new system, Edison University created an open Canvas site. While it is meant for students, instructors find it helpful as well.

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